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What is a creative agency?

If you work in the creative services industry, one of the hardest questions to answer can be, “what does your company do?”. This is especially tough if it’s asked by a friend or family member who knows very little about the world of creative services. How do you answer that question while balancing the need to be clear and concise with the desire to convey what makes it interesting and challenging? This is the question of identity, and I think it is a central challenge of building a business, particularly if the industry you work in is not well defined. It’s much more than just explaining to your mom what you do for a living, your identity helps you find your clients, gives direction to employees and helps the business leaders create a vision for the future.

It is a company that offers a combination of strategy, design, technology and advertising services to clients, it is creative or expert lead, it’s made up primarily of creative professionals, and it’s often strongly defined by values. They come in many shapes but knowing what you are is very important to growing as a company. Identity helps you understand what you are good at, where you create value and where you are headed.

Four factors that define a creative agency: services, employees, business model and values.

Four factors that define a creative agency

At Digitize01 Ltd Creative Agency we chose four factors that I think define what we do: Services, Employees, Business Model and Values. By focusing on these four factors, we believe we are quipped with the tools and resources in order to provide first class products and services for our valued customers.

The services

At Digitize01 Creative Agency, our services offered fall into four categories: Strategy, Design, Technology and Advertising. Strategy represents the consulting, planning and research services. Design is the visual, UX, photography and video services. Technology is the engineering, data and systems services. Advertising is the promotional, PR and marketing services.

1. Digital Agency

Our Digital Agency focuses on focus on Strategy, Design and Technology, and advertising services.

2. Design Agency

Our Design Agency often offer both digital and print design services as well as branding specializations, interior, and product design. As a result we focus  on Design services and offer strategy services.

3. Interactive Agency

Our Interactive Agency focus on building great projects for the web. We create digital experiences that are a mixture of innovative technology, great design, and multimedia content. 

4. Engineering Agency

Our Engineering Agency offer engineering services with many technologies and platforms and solve the most complex technical challaneges.

5. Advertising Agency

Our Advertising Agency we focus on marketing and advertising services.

6. Consulting Agency

Our Consulting Agency focus on strategy and big ideas. We often do a great deal of research and specialize in particular markets and industries. 

7. Design Innovation Agency

Our Design Innovation Agency specialize in using design to solve big problems. We pair deep insight and industry knowledge with design thinking to create some of the most innovative products and ideas. We prototype and deploy our ideas as well as focus on Strategy and Design.

Our Employees

At Digitize01 we bielve while a company’s services can tell you a great deal about who they are, understanding the employee makeup of a company and how it is lead also plays a critical role. An agency can also be defined by how it is managed, and understanding the key positions that make up an agency and how it is lead is key in understanding the agency.

Business and billing models

Understanding the business model is another key factor in creating an identity for our agency, and value for our customers.

Our values

 Values are what differentiate as Digitize01 Ltd; the core values that we entertain are;

Commitment to customers

An agency committed to clients is all about customer service and client service. They focus on keeping ourr clients happy and preserving our relationships.

Commitment to employees

A commitment to employees is about making a great workplace and the belief that the best workplace creates the best work.

Ethics and honesty

Honesty and ethics often manifest in an agency that focuses on pushing clients to do what is right rather than what they want. We highly value ethics in all business practices.

Profitability and growth

An agency that focuses on profitability makes decisions that will maximize efficiency, margins and growing new business.

Social responsibility

An agency that focuses on social responsibility chooses people and projects that will allow them to make a difference. We also focus on the way in which they operate our company to be socially responsible.

Innovation and creativity

Agencies that focus on innovation put R&D, prototyping and new ideas at the forefront.


An agency with adaptability at its core is highly agile and flexible to change at many levels. We will try new ideas, services and clients regularly.

Excellence and quality

Agencies with excellence at their core focus on the quality of their projects above all else.

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